stainless steel coil manufacturers

stainless steel coil manufacturers  

  Stainless steel coil is divided into austenitic, ferritic, martensitic, duplex (ferritic-austenitic) stainless steel cold rolled coils and stainless steel hot rolled coils

  Stainless steel coil: It is divided into cold-rolled coil and hot-rolled coil. Its surface has bright surface, matte surface and matte surface. It is commonly called stainless steel plate, 2B plate, BA plate.

  It can also be plated with other light colors according to customer requirements. The specifications are as follows: 1m*1m 1m*2m 1.22m*2.44m 1.5m*3m 1.5m*6m.

  If the customer demand is large, we can cut it according to the customer's size. Another can do the drawing board, anti-skid board, Plating plate

  Executive standard

  GB/T4238, ASTM/ASME, JIS G4305, EN10088, BSEN10028, GB/T3280, GB/T4237

stainless steel coil manufacturers


  Stainless Steel Roll: Thickness 1.5-15 Width 1000 or 1219 or 1500 or 1800 or 2000 (with Burr)

  Stainless Steel Cold Roll: Thickness 0.3-3.0 Width 1000 or 1219 or 1500 (with Burr)

  Stainless steel cold rolled coil: thickness 0.1-3.0 width 500 or 1600 (with flash

  Surface description

  No.1 ---- Hot-rolled After heat treatment and pickling.

  2B ---- after cold rolling heat treatment, pickling or similar treatment, and finally smooth to obtain the appropriate gloss.

  2D ---- After cold rolling, heat treatment, pickling or similar treatment or matte surface.

  3# ---- 100~200# Grinding with abrasive products.

  4# ---- 150~180# Grinding with abrasive belt.

  HL ---- Abrasive material with a suitable grain size polishes the surface to a continuous grain.

  Jawaysteel corporation is the original and professional manufacturer in stainless steel coil.

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