Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Stainless Steel Wire Rope  Stainless Steel Wire Rope  

Stainless Steel Wire Rope


Stainless steel wire rope is our most traditional business,furnished by very good reputation on quality,price and strong supply capacity,Jawaysteel Corporation has built lots of business with customers all over the world.


Grade and Quality:



Size and Diameter:

1x7, 1X12 , 1x19, 1*37,  3*7,  6*7, 7*7,  6x7+FC, 6x19+FC, 7x19, 19X7, 6*25fi+FC, 6x12+7FC, 6*15+7FC, 6x27+7FC, 6*36+FC, 6*37, 18*7, 8*19, 4X31SW+FC 4X25Fi+FC 6X19W+IWS 6X19S+IWS 1X19W etc.


Surface and Finishing:

Pickled,acid white,bright,matt,polished etc.


Application and Usage:

The high quality of stainless steel wire rope manufactured by Jawaysteel is widely used for mine hoist cage,meat processing plant upgrade machinery,ship anchors and fishing operations,fishing vessels trawling ect.



(1) simple soft coil, Plastics inside and woven bags outside

(2) plastic reel ( recommended use when weight less than 20kg/reel)

(3) wooden reel ( recommended use  when weight more than 20kg/reel)


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