Jaway Stainless Steel
14 December 2018 Cold Drawn Stainless Steel Bars
Cold drawing is to force the material through the mould at room temperature and reach the required size, which is usually used for round axis or round pipe.
13 December 2018 Cold rolled SPCC Galvanized Coil/Plate
JawaySteel is a leading supplier of galvanized steel sheet & coil.Galvanized steel is defined as a carbon steel sheet coated with zinc on both sides.
11 December 2018 brushed stainless steel sheet metal
Brushed stainless steel is a silky texture of stainless steel, which is just a process of stainless steel. The surface is matt, look carefully at the top of the texture,...
10 December 2018 Stainless Steel Precision Tubes
Stainless steel precision tubes, also known as precision stainless steel pipe, is also called precision tube. In the process of production, the precision stainless steel...
7 December 2018 304 Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet
304 cold rolled stainless steel sheet is a process of rolling hot-rolled coils at room temperature below recrystallization temperature. Cold-rolled steel sheets are...
7 December 2018 Stainless Steel Round Rod Suppliers
Stainless steel rods have broad application prospects and are widely used in hardware kitchen utensils, shipbuilding, petrochemical, machinery, medicine, food,...
5 December 2018 Polished Stainless Steel Sheets Price Is Going Up
Jaway steel is major manufacturing specialized in stainless steel wih high quality and best price! Which can be widely used in bicycle fittings, kitchen and sanitation...
4 December 2018 304 Stainless Steel Bright Lashing Wire
Stainless Steel Lashing Wire is used in a lashing machine to lash a single aerial cable.
3 December 2018 Cold Rolling Stainless Steel Coil
Cold rolling stainless steel coil is made of the hot-rolled stainless steel coil. By further cold rolling, the hot rolled stainless steel coil become cold rolling...
3 December 2018 Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Perfect SupplierS
Perforated metal is one of the most versatile and popular metal products on the market today.  Perforated sheet can be either heavy or light in gauge, and it can have...
29 November 2018 304 stainless steel plate
The 304 stainless steel plate has a smooth surface, high plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength, and is resistant to corrosion by acids, alkaline gases, solutions...
28 November 2018 3mm Stainless Steel Sheet
Smooth surface of stainless steel plate, high plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength, acid resistance, alkaline gas, solution and other medium corrosion.
27 November 2018 Stainless Steel Flat Bar Stock
Stainless steel flat steel is rectangular steel with slightly pure edge. Stainless steel flat steel can be semi-finished steel. There are cold-drawn polished stainless...
26 November 2018 Stainless Steel Pipe Flanges
Flange is also called flange or flange. Flanges are parts that connect the pipe to the pipe, connected to the end of the pipe.
24 November 2018 304 stainless steel wire suppliers
Alloy 304 is the standard 18/8 (18% chrome, 8% nickel) austenitic stainless steel and is the most commonly used grade of stainless steels used in the wire industry.
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