Stainless Steel Chain

Stainless Steel Chain  Stainless Steel Chain  

Stainless Steel Chain


2000mm width stainless steel plate is one of the normal and popular sizes in the market. This product has been used in medical equipment, construction, food industry, construction material, kitchen utensils etc.


Grade and Quality:

200 series:201,202.204Cu.

300 series:301,302,304,304Cu,303,303Se,304L,305,307,308,308L,309,309S,310,310S,316,316L,321.

400 series:410,420,430,420J2,439,409,430S,444,431,441,446,440A,440B,440C.

Duplex and Others:2205,904L,S31803,330,660,630,17-4PH,631,17-7PH,2507,F51,S31254 1Cr18Ni9Ti,2Cr13,etc.



Short link/Medium link/Long link;


Korean standard, German standard, Britain standar etc;


Diameter: 1.5mm~30mm or as per customer’s requirement


Welded or Unwelded;


Elegant shape, full plump welding, smooth finish;


Application and Usage:

The stainless steel chain is especially suitable for cleaning chemicals or demanding areas and high and low temperature situations. Widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber, printing, suppression of silk and other machinery, and form a complete set, for all kinds of import and export of machinery is good equipment of modern equipment Hanging down, shopping basket, chain lock, lever block etc;



Gunny bag, pallet, wooden cases, plastic drum etc.


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