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Stainless steel unequal angles

Stainless steel unequal angles  

Stainless steel unequal angles bars,also called to be inequilateral angle bar,is widely used in the field of engineering materials.The two sides with respect to the appearance equilateral angles, means a rectangular cross section is L-shaped and the public on both sides of unequal length angle. It is widely used in a variety of municipal utilities, structural and civil engineering structures and military industries, such as industrial beams, bridges, transmission towers, lifting and transport machinery, ships, industrial furnace, reaction tower, container frame, and warehouses, etc..

Usually how to produce Stainless steel unequal angles ? Due to the Stainless steel unequal angles are non-standard in size so usually we cannot roll the bars by one time from the moulds,because the moulds are catering for rolling equal angle bars like 50x50x5mm,80x80x8mm,hence if we want to produce unequal angle bar size like 80x50x8mm,we need to make equal bars size @ 80x80x8mm,and then we will cut one side 80mm to be 50mm,so we can get size of unequal bar 80x50x8mm.

Certainly after cutting,we will remove the burrs occurs from cutting,and flatting the bars edges smoothly.

Another way of making unequal angle bars is for bended thin thickness and sizes,like 2x50x80mm unequal bar,which we can not hot roll and cut afterwards,however we can only cold bending the sheets into the inequilateral angle bars,the angle degree for cold bending is a bit round,not for 90 sharp degree,so that method is not popular and only existing for small size of unequal angle bars in which the thickness under 3mm usually.

We are an expert to make and supply stainless steel unequal angles bars in all sizes and grade,welcome to get any inquiries from our customers,old and new.

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