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3mm Stainless Steel Wire

3mm Stainless Steel Wire  

We are one of the biggest manufacturers specialize for stainless steel products more than 18 years in China include stainless steel wire. Stainless steel wire, is also called stainless line, it is as raw material to stainless steel to make all kinds of specifications and styles wire products.

Stainless steel wire generally are divided into 5 types, such as Stainless steel Spring wire, Stainless steel Welded wire, Stainless steel Tiny wire, Stainless steel Hydrogen Annealed wire, Stainless steel Bright wire, and Stainless steel Cold Heading wire. Stainless steel Spring wire is the same quality with imported products and it has nice surface good elasticity etc. They are all the same function, including high temperature resistance, nice surface, good elasticity high plasticity and so on.

As per 3mm stainless steel wire application, it can be divided into different diameter, such as, it includes 3mm diameter. 3mm used for spring, rope and netting etc. different diameter has different functions, 3mm diameter can resist high temperature, resist corrosion and anti-aging etc. so, it has wide application in some district.

Our company founded in 1998 with long history and strong technology, if you are interested in our products please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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