TP316L stainless steel tube

TP316L stainless steel tube  TP316L stainless steel tube  

TP316L is the steel American standard label, said stainless steel pipe material.

Interpretation of American Standard Model:
English abbreviation for English word TYPE. L is the abbreviation of LOW English words. Because TP316L and 316 carbon content is not the same, so TP316L means that low-carbon stainless steel.

316L minimum carbon content is: 0.035%, 316 is 0.08%.

TP316L stainless steel tube
(1) the implementation of standards should have good high temperature strength and high temperature plastic properties;
(2) in the oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance has a very good performance;
(3) has a stable tissue stability;
(4) chemical composition are;

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