Stainless Steel Tie Wire

Stainless Steel Tie Wire  

  Stainless steel hydrogen annealed tie wire is our most traditional business,furnished by very good reputation on quality,price and strong supply capacity,Jawaysteel corporation has built lots of business with customers all over the world.

  Grade and Quality:

  201,202,301,303,304,304L,305,316,316L,410,416,420,430,2520 etc


  Size and Diameter:

  From 0.08mm to 12mm, based on buyer’s requirement.

  Surface and Finishing:

  Hydrogen Annealed,Bright,Cold heading etc.

Stainless Steel Tie Wire

  Application and Usage:

  Stainless steel wire of spring,?Stainless steel wire of screw,Stainless steel wire of rope and cable,Stainless steel wire for elogated wire,Stainless steel wire for steelconstruction,Stainless steel wire for tube,Stainless steel wire for metal mesh.


  0.08-0.7mm wire:

  DIN125,Full spool net weight 2kg,16 spools one carton

  DIN160,Full spool net weight 5kg,4 spools one carton

  DIN200,Full spool net weight 10kg,4 spools one carton

  DIN250,Full spool net weight1 5kg,2 spools one carton

  0.6-12mm wire:

  Rod internal diameter can be 400mm,500mm,600mm,650mm,30-80kg/rod,plastic film inside.

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