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304 cold rolled stainless steel sheet

304 cold rolled stainless steel sheet  

Hot rolled and cold rolled are both steel forming processes, they have a great impact on the microstructure and properties of steel, steel rolling mainly in hot rolling, cold rolling only for the production of small steel and sheet.

Cold rolled refers to under normal temperature, after cold drawing, cold drawing, cold cold machining the steel or steel processing into various types of steel.

Advantage of 304 cold rolled stainless steel sheet

1)Molding speed, high yield, and no damage to the coating can be made varied cross-section form, in order to adapt to the conditions of use;
2)cold rolling could be to produce steel large plastic deformation, so as to improve the yield point of the steel.

Disadvantage of 304 cold rolled stainless steel sheet

1)Although there is no hot plastic compression in the forming process, the residual stress exists in the section, which will influence the overall and local buckling of the steel.

2)The wall thickness of cold rolled steel is small, and there is no thickening at the corner of the plate convergence, and the ability to bear the local concentrated load is weak.

Main differences between hot rolling and cold rolling

1.The cross section of the cold rolled shape steel allows local buckling, which can make full use of the bearing capacity of the post buckling, and the hot rolled steel does not allow the local buckling of the cross section.

2.The causes of residual stress in hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel are different, so the distribution of the cross section is also very different. Cold-formed steel section on the residual stress distribution is curved, and hot-rolled steel or welded steel section on residual stress distribution is a thin film.

3.The free torsion rigidity of the hot rolled steel is higher than that of the cold rolled steel, so the torsion resistance of the hot rolled steel is better than that of the cold rolled steel.

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