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430 stainless steel is a general-purpose steel with good corrosion resistance. Its thermal conductivity is better than that of austenite. Its coefficient of thermal expansion is smaller than that of austenite. It is resistant to thermal fatigue and added with stabilized elemental titanium. The mechanical properties of the weld are good. 430 stainless steel bar for building decoration, fuel burner parts, household appliances, appliances components.

430F is added to the 430 steel easy cutting performance of steel, mainly for automatic lathes, bolts and nuts. 430LX Adds Ti or Nb to 430 steel to reduce C content and improve workability and weldability. It is mainly used in hot water tanks, hot water supply systems, sanitary wares, household durable appliances, bicycle flywheels and the like.

Due to its chromium content, it is also known as 18/0 or 18-0. Compared to 18/8 and 18/10, chromium is slightly less and hardness is reduced accordingly.

Chemical composition:
Carbon (C): ≤0.12%
Silicon (Si): ≤ 0.75%
Manganese (Mn): ≤1.00%
Phosphorus (P): ≤0.040%
Sulfur (S): ≤0.030%
Nickel (Ni): ≤0.60% (may contain)
Chromium (Cr): 16.00-18.00%

Mechanical properties:
Density: 7.75g / cm sup;
Melting point: 1427 ° C
Expansion coefficient: mm / ℃ (at 20-100 ℃)
Young's modulus: kN / mm & sup2;
Rigidity modulus: kN / mm ²;
Application Standard: n / a (UNS)

Product specifications:

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