Anneal Stainless Steel wire process

Anneal Stainless Steel wire process  

Annealing is to heat the steel or all kinds of metal mechanical parts to the appropriate temperature, thermal insulation for a period of time, and then slow cooling, you can get close to the balance of the state organization of the heat treatment process. In the mechanical manufacturing industry, annealing is usually used as the preparation of heat treatment process in the manufacturing process of the workpiece.

Anneal stainless steel wire principle of annealing
After the cold and plastic deformation, the internal grain is broken, the crystal lattice distortion, and the residual stress exists, so it is not stable. It has the spontaneous tendency to develop to the steady state, but the diffusion ability of the atom at room temperature is very weak, and the change is very difficult. The cold deformation of the metal to heat, so that the atomic energy increase, to make it happen change, so that the performance of the metal recovery before cold processing.

Metal annealing process can be divided into the following three stages:
1)Lattice recovery phase. When the heating temperature is not high (below the minimum recrystallization temperature), the atomic diffusion capacity is still
Low, although there is micro diffusion, but will not cause tissue changes. But because of a slight atomic diffusion, the lattice distortion is greatly reduced, thereby greatly reduced internal stress, conductivity and corrosion resistance increased markedly. Mechanical properties change is not big, this stage is called the recovery phase, also called to stress annealing.

2)Recrystallization stage. When the metal is heated to a high temperature, the crystal lattice orientation and the deformed grains are formed.
Small grains with smaller internal defects, such as those with smaller diameter and approximately the same direction, are extended to the surrounding deformed tissue, until the cold deformation of the metal is completely lost. This process is called the recrystallization of metals.

3)Recrystallization grain growth stage. Cold deformed metals can be obtained in the process of recrystallization.
Fine and uniform grains. With the increase of the heating temperature or the extension of the moisture time, then the crystal grain and grow up with each other, so that the grain coarsening, mechanical properties of the deterioration of the process known as aggregation and recrystallization. The strength and plasticity of the coarse grained metals decreased. So, too high heating temperature or too long holding time, can cause "overheating" or "over burn"".

Stainless steel soft wire is a common product after annealing.

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