top quality 420J2 stainless steel cutting sheet

420J2 is one of variant of 420 stainless steel.Another one is 420J1, however 420J2 has more carbon contents than 420J1. In JIS G4305:2005,420J2 has 0.26% to 0.4% Carbon,its shape in sheet and strip is always taken in application of knife and spring industry.

We had one order for 420J2 stainless steel cutting sheet with an very old customer from Vietnam, customer will use the sheet to make knife in machine,like cutting machine. Due to the high resistance, good strength, super hardness and good corrosion in wild condition, the 420J2 Sheet could cut many hard materials like usual steel, cloth, woven, wire, food etc.

The hardening for 420j2 stainless steel .Usually only after qunching and tempering, the 420j2 sheet can be owned with super hardness and function shows. Stainless steel grade 420J2 can be hardened by heating 950-1020°C (1742-1868 F) and held until temperature is uniform throughout the section and the qunching should be under air or oil cooling.

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