thin stainless steel sheets

thin stainless steel sheets  

Today, let’s take a brief about the thin stainless steel sheets. Generally, the thickness is below 4 mm. And it could be produced by hot rolled and cold rolled.

The surface of thin stainless steel sheets like this: NO.1、1D、2D、2B、N0.4、HL ,BA, mirror and other surface. The price is different according to that. And it also used according to the surface.

The thin stainless steel sheets could be widely used in storage and transportation, bath crock, indoor pipeline, food processing, water heater, boiler, agriculture, building materials, tableware, cabinets, auto parts, medical instruments, chemical, food industry, papermaking, oil and atomic energy industry, kitchenware, automobile, parts of the ship, household appliances all kinds of spare parts.

If the thin stainless steel sheets is made by cold rolled ,it has some advantages:
1.The surface is good and has good durability.
2.Has good heat resistance.
3.With good thermal reflectivity.
4.With the silver surface, looks well.
5.Has the good welding performance.
6.Improved the yield point of steel.
7.The quality is a bit higher than hot rolled.

At the same time, it has the disadvantages:
1.Easy to appear bending torsional buckling when compression, Poor torsional performance.
2.Cold rolled with the smaller wall thickness, local concentrated load ability is poor.

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