Baosteel develops super oil pipe with Tarim Oilfield and West Tube to fill domestic blank.

Recently, news comes from Tarim Oilfield: The super 13Cr oil pipe developed jointly by Baosteel, Tarim oilfield and West Tube has been successful in one trip. In the trip summing-up meeting organized by Tarim oilfield, experts from both oilfield and West Tube thinks, such quality index as tightness and mechanical properties of Baosteel's BT-S13Cr110 have reached international advanced level, which could replace importation and produce in batches.
BT-S13Cr110 product is applied for Dina Kuqa foreland basin No.2 gas field No.20 well. This well is newly developed ultra deep, ultra high pressure, ultra high temperature gas well, and its working condition is rather harsh. Before that, imported super 13Cr oil pipe is adopted for all pipe columns of Tarim oilfield. Due to high price, long delivery period and frequent accident resulted from corrosion, imported oil pipe has brought about many troubles. Therefore, the development of such product is listed as national dedicated demonstration project.
Early last year, Baosteel, Tarim oilfield and West Tube played their respective advantages, jointly developed anti-corrosion and high sealing property super 13Cr for Tarim oilfield Dina Kuqa foreland basin Kelasu band. Early this year, Baosteel R & D center, Tubing business unit and special steel business unit has completed 1st lot production task of 200 ton super 13 Cr, and then successfully transport to oilfield. During its first trial trip, Baosteel tubing technology marketing team has provided all-rounded job site services for our customers which meet the requirement under harsh service environment.
Recently, Tarim oilfield has organized the experts from R & D center and manufacturing department to conduct strict evaluation on the data collected during the trip. Experts have reached the consensus that the joint developed product is a complete success, with its sealing and mechanical properties all follow the harsh working condition in Tarim oilfield, which is comparable to imported products. It is reported that, recently Tarim oilfield has again proposed their good will to place the order from Baosteel.
The successful trip of BT-S13Cr110 in Tarim oilfield has not only solved the problem of oil pipe application in oilfield exploration for Tarim, which has filled the domestic blank, but also substantially raise R & D, production and application capability of high property anti-corrosion oil pipe in China, so as to provide strong protection for localization of high end oil well pipe and safe development of oil gas resource in western area

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