stainless steel tube coils suppliers

        Stainless steel tube coils one of most hot selling materials inside our company.It is widely used into Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Textile, Rubber, Food, Medical Equipment, Aviation, Aerospace, Communications, Petroleum etc.Its outer diameter ranged from 0.5mm to 20mm,wall thickness is from 0.1mm until 2.0mm.Both Welded and seamless is applicable.


        Our stainless steel coiled tube obvious is super quality which has been awarded much from our old customers by repeating orders frequently.During production,we carry overall testing such as hydro test,eddy test,bending test,leakage test and cracks test etc.


        Package for coiled tubes of stainless steel is by fumigated Wooden spools,each spool could wind 150mtrs,200mtrs etc as per customer demand.


        These are some other advantages from our stainless steel tube coiled.


        Leakage Pressure(kgs/cm2): 3Kgs/cm 210  5 mtnutes.

        Fully soft and bright annealed

        The coiled tube should be Ol Free

        Packing is under wooden spools



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