stainless steel shaped pipe manufacturer

    Stainless steel shaped steel pipe is in addition to the round pipe other cross section shape of steel pipe, there are welded shaped pipe and seamless shaped pipe.Because of the material, stainless steel     shaped pipe is generally of 304 or better grade

    Standard ASTM A554 stainless steel shaped tube, stainless steel welding machine tube, for surface polishing, products through various channels are widely used in petroleum, chemical, chemical, chemical     fiber, metallurgy, medicine, machinery, paper, thermal insulation, refrigeration, mechanical equipment, food, electric power, water conservancy, construction, aviation, submarine engineering, Marine     shipbuilding, environmental protection, boiler heat exchangers and other industries.

    Stainless steel shaped pipe: ellipse, flat ellipse, triangle, trapezoid, fan, single groove, double groove and other irregular shape pipe. It can be processed into the shape required by customers through the     round pipe processing, or directly through the pipe welding machine processing.

    Jaway Steel is a manufacturer for stainless steel shaped pipe in China,we supply both welded & seamless,support customize size as per customer requirement.

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