stainless steel rectangular plate

        There are many types of stainless steel plates. According to the structure, they are divided into four categories: austenitic stainless steel plates, martensitic stainless steel plates (including precipitation hardened stainless steel plates), ferritic stainless steel plates, and austenitic plus ferritic duplex stainless steel plates. Class is now commonly used classification method. Typical applications: heat exchangers for pulp and paper-making equipment, machinery and equipment, dyeing equipment, film washing equipment, pipelines, exterior materials for buildings in coastal areas, etc.

        According to the manufacturing method, there are two types of hot rolled and cold rolled, including thin cold plates with a thickness of 0.5.10-885 mm 72938 and a medium-thick plate with 4.5-100 mm.

It is required to withstand the corrosion of various acids and is widely used in industries such as chemical, food, medicine, paper, petroleum, and atomic energy, as well as various parts of construction, kitchenware, tableware, vehicles, and household appliances.

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