stainless steel capillary tube

        Stainless steel capillary tube is always existing in form of coiled tube or straight tube,which are widely used in medical,food,cable,precision device,automobile,construction,roof,modern housing building,nuclear,aerospace etc.

        Our ss capillary tubes are fine in surface and good in tubes airtightness and ductility.Sizes are various like 6mm x 1mm,8mm x 1mm,10mm x 1mm,10mm x 1.5mm,12mm x 1.5mm,14mm x 2.0mm etc.Some more thiner sizes capillary tubes could also be supplied upon customer demands,these sizes could be supplied under straight form or coiled shape.

        Our capillary tubes could bear with all necessary tests like flanging test,flaring test,flattening test,sealing test,hardness and X-ray test etc.Our capillary tube is on the high quality level,which has exported to Mexico,Peru,Australia,Turkey,India,Korea,USA etc on a regular basis.

        In many cases there are welded condition and seamless condition in stainless steel capillary tubes,and tubes could be bright annealed,mill annealed,pickled and acid white etc.

        Welcome to send inquiry concerning stainless steel capillary matter what grade and size is. 

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