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Stainless steel pipe fittings are a kind of pipe fittings, which are made of stainless steel so they are called stainless steel pipe fittings.

It contains: stainless steel elbow, stainless steel tee, stainless steel cross, stainless steel reducer, stainless steel cap, etc.

According to the connection method, it can be divided into four categories: socket stainless steel pipe fittings, threaded stainless steel pipe fittings, flanged stainless steel pipe fittings and welded stainless steel pipe fittings.

Stainless steel elbows are used where pipe fittings turn;

The flange is used to connect the pipe and the pipe to each other, connected to the pipe end, and the stainless steel tee pipe is used in the place where the three pipes meet;

Stainless steel four-way pipes are used where the four pipes converge;

The stainless steel reducer is used where two pipes of different diameters are connected.

Main stainless steel material: 304, 304L, 316, 316L

Stainless steel pipe fittings are the collective name of various stainless steel pipe connection workpieces, which can be divided into different categories according to shape, purpose and connection method.

It has the characteristics of easy installation, high performance and durability, and it is widely used in various pipeline construction and installation.

Stainless steel pipe fittings are pipe fittings in which the stainless steel pipe is inserted into the socket part of the pipe fitting and then argon arc welding is performed in a circle around the edge of the pipe fitting. It is the most reliable connection method among all the connection methods.

Inner diameter of pipe fitting socket = outer diameter of pipe. According to the welded part of the pipe edge, it can be further divided into three kinds of pipe fittings: slope side extension, step side extension and no extension. The socket welding specification is generally DN15-DN100.

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