prime quality 309s stainless steel flat bar suuplier

Many varieties of steel, is a certain cross-sectional shape and size of solid long steel. According to traders, the current 309s stainless steel flat bar market even if there are transactions, the number is very big.

Iron ore market due to weak market demand, lack of orders, however, price concessions significantly increased. From the perspective of metallography, because the stainless steel containing chromium and the surface of the formation of a very thin chromium film, the membrane separated from steel intrusion of oxygen from the corrosion-resistant role.

Normal sizes for flat bar is below:
Round steel, square steel, hexagonal steel, octagonal steel ---- diameter or distance of not less than 81mm.
I-beam, channel ---- height of not less than 220mm.
Flat steel width of not less than 100mm.
Unequal side angle ---- side width of not less than 100 * 150mm.
Equilateral angle ---- side width of not less than 150mm.

Since 2014, despite China's steel industry in the boron steel export tax rebate cancellation and frequent trade friction, steel exports will be affected. According to their different cross-sectional shape is divided into two kinds of simple and complex cross-section. 309s stainless steel flat bar will have brilliant prospect in Asia.

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