polished stainless steel sheets

polished stainless steel sheets  

At the mention of polished stainless steel sheets for sale in China, we involuntary think of the mirror sheet. "Mirror" refers to the surface of stainless steel. "Mirror" in stainless steel industry should belong to the "8 k" surface.

Stainless steel plate surface is smooth, high plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength, acid and alkali corrosion of gas, solution, and other media. It is a kind of alloy steel is not easy to rust, but not absolutely not rust. Stainless steel plate is weak media such as air, steam and water corrosion resistance of steel, acid steel plate is refers to the chemical etching media such as acid, alkali, salt corrosion of the steel plate.
Stainless steel plate since the beginning of the 20th century, and now has a history of more than a century.

Common polished stainless steel sheet finish classification:

Common polished stainless steel sheet finish can be divided into 6 k, 8 k, 10 k of the three. Is usually common polishing, ordinary 6 k, fine grinding, 8 k, 10 k super fine grinding effect. Generally no too big difference of the same thickness, 10 k mirror brighter; The thicker the thickness, the effect is poorer, the processing cost is higher.

Polished stainless steel sheet melting point:

Polished stainless steel sheet melting point is mainly related to each into and content points, has nothing to do with whether to mirror surface. The concept of "red". All kinds of metal under 400 degrees Celsius, the environment is not very bright, can see the "red". So "burn" red to the mirror stainless steel need to around 400 degrees.

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