Polished Stainless Steel Strips

Stainless steel flat materials are referring to sheet,coil,strip,band,tape etc,which is widely applied in construction,building,machine,facility,pipes,forming,mould,knife,roof,industry,decoration etc.Among all which the stainless steel strips are exporting with a large qty to Russia,South Africa,Ukraine,Australia,UAE,Germany,France,Bangladesh etc.The strips sizes are ranged to be virious,like the thickness from 0.05mm to 10mm,width from 5mm to 600mm,any grade can be supplied.

Polished Stainless Steel Strips


Recently we have a big order to France,customer side’s project is re-work from COVID-19 that demanding 201 stainless steel strips sizes to be 0.7x140mm,0.7x14mm,0.4x20mm,qty is 120tons.

They used our strips in making automobile of Citroen.The very cautious and seriours concerning about strips quality make customer place order to us,by virtue of good ability in carry responsible QC and good will in establishing good long term business.


Our quotes are not best however our quality is superb and prices are still competitive.A good reputation has been sent to us resulted from supplying good quality materials and keeping agreed delivery time.


The surface for stainless steel strips is polished with 400 grit grinding.There is no dent,black dot,white line,water logo,convex-concave in the surfaces.We polished the finishing,removing all oils and marks leaven from human and cutting facilities.


Besides the polished surface,some other surfaces could also be guaranted,such as matt,No.4,BA,Mirror,8K,HL and other polishing extent like 600 grit,500grit,180grit etc.


To be a famous auto-mobile vendor,we are worthwhile good name and reputation.If you have any inquiry about polished stainless steel strips,plz send inquiry to sales@jawaysteel.com .

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