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1 July 2015 1.4418 Stainless steel seamless pipe for The propeller of Military aircraft
Special scope of Sulfur can improve some performance, advise and allow control the Sulfur content of 0.015% to 0.03% for machining products, In order to ensure the...
15 June 2015 Stainless steel wire
Stainless steel wire
29 October 2014 stainless steel price
There is a proportional relationship between stainless steel price and Ni price, which can be viewed in www.lme.com. In common, price of stainless steel can only...
27 October 2014 What Is 304 Stainless Steel?
A grade of stainless steel, 304 steel is the most widely used steel because it's easy to weld and work. It is available in a wider range of stock forms and finishes than...
24 October 2014 stainless steel manufacturer
Nearly 13 years, Jaway Steel has been your personal manufacturer for stainless steel wires, plates, coils,bars, with our aptitude as well as attitude, Jaway steel...
21 October 2014 stainless steel round and angle bars
A big customer from Manila,Philippines received 30 tons of stainless steel round bars and angle bars today. The customers are very happy and satisfied with the...
14 April 2014 304 Stainless Steel Angle
304 Stainless Angle, is a hot rolled stainless angle shape with inside radius corners that is ideal for all structural applications where greater strength and superior...
2 April 2014 【Stainless steel common sense to understand 】 several types of stainless steel tableware
【Stainless steel common sense to understand 】 several types of stainless steel tableware
30 March 2014 China stainless steel production accounted for half of the global total in 2013, industry report
According to the Steel Market Intelligence GmbH (SMI) on 2013, global stainless steel output was 40000000 tons, and China production reached 20500000 tons. The report...
27 March 2014 China has not yet felt Indonesia nickel and aluminium export ban shock effect
hina has not yet felt Indonesia nickel and aluminium export ban shock effect
26 March 2014 Why is it called stainless steel?
The common misconception many people have about stainless steel is that it is something that will not stain, rust or corrode. However, the reality is that only A316 or...
24 March 2014 Stainless steel decoration decoration industry high-speed development into fashion
In our country, the stainless steel engineering decoration and home decoration, has a very broad market. Over the years, the rapid development of China's real estate...
23 March 2014 Notice for stainless steel bars
Recently, due to the increasing price of Ni in the market, the stainless steel bar cost will go up as well.
30 October 2013 Stainless steel stocks rise by 6pct in Chinese Wuxi market
the stocks of stainless steel products totaled 190,690 tons in the first half of October, rising by 5.74% from the previous 15 days.
15 October 2013 Turkey August stainless steel flat bar imports up by 70%
Jaway institute, Turkey's stainless flat steel imports saw an increase of 70% as compared to August last year.

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