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18 April 2012 Japanese crude stainless steel and foshan market quotations
crude stainless steel production in February 2012 by the 7 major Japanese stainless steel mills was 281,560 tonnes,
16 April 2012 Chinese Stainless Steel Manufacturer News In Apr
In the wake of success in S32205 duplex stainless steel production, Baosteel Special Steel Business Unit recently trial-produced S32750 stainless steel hot rolled plate.
8 April 2012 Outokumpu sees India emerging as a big stainless steel market
Business Line reported that of Finnish stainless steel giant Outokumpu is closely watching the Indian market and feels that India will emerge as a major market in the...
31 March 2012 Chinese stainless steel capacity
on March 25th 2012 at a molybdenum conference that China's stainless steel production capacity would reach 26 million tonnes per year by 2015, supporting the development...
31 March 2012 Austenitic stainless steel price reductions are imminent
raw material costs escalated, leading to significant hikes in alloy surcharges for austenitic steels in February and March 2012.
29 March 2012 stainless steel business in Baosteel
In 2011, it is planned that the corresponding loss of the selling target assets is CNY 1.54 billion and the assets sale will benefit the improvement of the overall...
28 March 2012 European And Russian Stainless Steel
demand from the process industry, which is the biggest stainless consumer in Europe, remained robust.
25 March 2012 US launches AD and CVD investigations on Chinese stainless steel
The ministry said that unilateral moves, such as the proposed tariffs, will not bring down the stubbornly high US unemployment, but instead will make the situation more...
22 March 2012 Foshan Stainless steel sheet market in first half of March
The stainless steel stocks totaled 165,522 tonnes in Chinese Foshan market in the first half of March 2012, decreasing by 5.66% from a half month ago.
20 March 2012 Nippon Metal and Nisshin stainless steel bar production post merger
Overseas, competition with giant steelmakers is intensifying.
18 March 2012 Stainless steel in Wuxi and Japan
According to statistics, in the end of January 2012, Japan's inventory of stainless steel products amounted to 125,286 tonnes, increasing by 2.1% MoM.
15 March 2012 Week review the stainless steel market
POSCO announced to remain the March 2012 list prices of its stainless steel products unchanged due to volatile nickel prices, aiming to activate the sluggish market demand.
14 March 2012 Taiwanese stainless steel bar market sluggish but Russian stainless steel long
The Taiwanese stainless steel market remained sluggish last week, affected by dropped nickel prices and soft demand.
12 March 2012 stainless steel bar imports to USA ITC
All six Commissioners concluded that the domestic group response for these reviews was adequate and the respondent group responses were inadequate and voted for...
11 March 2012 Japan and the United States stainless steel market in this month
The review originally covered several Indian producers/exporters during the period from February 1, 2010 through January 31, 2011. However, the requests for review of a...

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