Mild steel wire rod

Mild steel wire rod includes SAE1008, SAE1006, SAE1006 mild steel wire.

Under the standard of GB/T 24238-2009 and strict enterprise inside control standard, the main grade of the hot rolled wire coil for prestressing steel wire and steel strands is YL82B with the diameters of φ11mm,φ12.5mm.

Mild steel wire rod has become the most competitive products with high added value of WFSTEEL with the advantages of raw material, smelting outside stove, pure steel quality, electromagnetic stirring and strict cold and rolling control process. 

This is the main component and function. 

The high quanlity low carbon steel wire rod and low carbon steel wire rod can be produced by us.

Main advantages as follows:

dia tolerance:+/-0.3mm

8.0mm can be drawing into 3mm

6.5mm can be drawing into 2mm

low carbon steel wire rod grade:SAE1006B,SAE1018B, SAE1008B,  diameter:4.5-25mm type: in coil, coil weight arround 2.5 mt

surface:round,no twisted,light and smooth

Please call us or you can tell me the size, we will follow your requirements.

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