top quality 410 stainless steel strip

410 stainless steel strip is a typical martensitics stainless steel with magnetic character. The main alloy elements of Chromium Nickel is 12-14%, about 8.0-10% for Nickel. Besides 410 stainless steel sheet, 400 series stainless steel material is also including: 409L,430, 420JR, 440C which are also available for us.

As a kind of free cutting stainless steel, 410 stainless steel strip mainly serves in fastener industry, machinery parts and so on, which is produced conforming to AMS, ASTM, SAE standard. As we work with china top 1 special steel mill which serves national defense department.

410 stainless steel sheet is about 0.8-1.5 percentage carbon element. For 410 stainless steel sheet application, It is mainly used as bolt, nut fastener industry.

410 stainless steel strip mechanical Properties as below:
Tensile Strength 60-75 KSI
Yield Strength 32-42 KSI
Elongation 20-40%
Hardness 82 HRB

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