stainless steel tube large diameter

stainless steel tube large diameter  

Stainless steel tube divided into two kinds according to the production mode, seamless tube and welding tube. Now, let us talk about the stainless steel tube large diameter.

Stainless steel tube is widely used. It has some good attribute, wear resistance protection, good elastic, excellent chemical resistance, good alkali and acid, Strong toughness and Flame retardant. Stainless steel tube large diameter should be made with hot working, not cold drawn. At present, the outside diameter is 0.1-4500 mm, thickness is 0.01-250 mm.

stainless steel tube widely used in construction, decoration, furniture, geological drilling, chemical, mechanical industry, automobile manufacture and boiler, medical apparatus and instruments, bike manufacturing, national defend industry, etc.

Though, it called stainless steel, but it will be rust. Because, if used long time, the face will have some materials and, these will be produce chemical reaction along with time. But do not worry, if rust, it will be lots of years later.

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