stainless steel strip supplier

stainless steel strip supplier  

Stainless steel strip is an extension of the ultra-thin stainless steel sheet. It is mainly used to meet the needs of industrial production of various kinds of metal or mechanical products in different industrial sectors, which is a kind of narrow and long stainless steel sheet.

Jawaysteel is the stainless steel strip supplier for nearly 20 years.

The material grade of stainless steel strip we can supply:

201, 202, 304, 301, 316, 304L, 316L, 309S, 310S, 430
Thickness: 0.02mm-4mm, width: 3.5mm-1550mm, size can be also customized.

The types of stainless steel strip:

stainless steel tape, spring-loaded stainless steel belt, stainless steel stamping belt, stainless steel precision soft belt, mirror stainless steel belt, cold-rolled stainless steel belt, hot rolled stainless steel strip, drawing stainless steel strip, polished stainless steel strip etc.

The difference of cold rolled stainless steel strip VS hot rolled stainless steel strip

  • The strength and yield ratio of cold rolled steel strip are better, while the ductility and toughness of hot rolled steel strip are better.
  • The surface quality, appearance and size precision of the cold rolled strip are better than that of the hot rolled strip.
  • The thickness of cold rolled steel strip is very thin, and the thickness of hot rolling is larger.

If you want to develop the stainless steel strip supplier, please contact us freely.

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