stainless steel spring wire suppliers

stainless steel spring wire suppliers  

Stainless steel spring wire due to the elastic means in quenched and tempered condition, and specifically for the manufacture of springs and elastic elements. Spring steel depends on its capacity of elastic deformation, i.e., within the prescribed range, the ability to withstand a certain elastic deformation of the load it, permanent deformation does not occur after the removal of the load.

Design and production of stainless steel wire used in spray spring springs, hot springs, battery welding, stainless steel compression spring, extension spring, torsion spring, spring high strength, high fatigue spring, spring for medical use, non-magnetic spring, weaving spring.

Spring steel should have excellent properties such as mechanical properties (particularly elastic limit, ultimate strength, yield ratio), reduced ballistic performance (ie anti decreased elasticity properties, also known as sag resistance), fatigue properties, hardenability , physical and chemical properties (heat resistance, low, oxidation, corrosion, etc.). To meet these performance requirements, spring steel with excellent metallurgical quality (high purity and uniformity), good surface quality (strict control of surface defects and decarburization), the exact shape and size.

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