stainless steel rectangular tube for sale

stainless steel rectangular tube for sale  

Regularly stainless steel tube is divided into seamless pipe and welding pipe two types.And also can be classified based on the shape of transverse section including round tube,semi-round /square/triangle/hexagon and other shaped tubes.Stainless steel rectangular tube is one of the popular types.

Stainless steel rectangular tube is a hollow strip steel,which can be applied to various fields considering the types.

1)stainless steel decorative tube,used for stair railing,guard,security window,201 and 304 are the main grades.The surface is bright,brushed or other as required.

2)Stainless steel pipe used for household bathroom,hardware fitting,fluid pipe such as oil,natural gas,steam,coil gas and water...201,304,304L ,316 are the popular material,strict with tolerance specification,brightness of surface.And no blow in bend and expanding.

How to calculate the weight of stainless steel rectangular tubing?

Kg/m=(perimeter-4Wt)*Wt*0.00793,the unit is in micrometer for perimeter and wall thickness

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