stainless steel pipe fittings suppliers

stainless steel pipe fittings suppliers  

Stainless steel pipe fitting is generally referred to all kinds of stainless steel pipe connection parts, according to the shape, uses, connection mode can be divided into different categories. Such as flange,elbow,pipe cap,reducer.

In the pipe line system, elbow is to change the direction of the line pipe fittings. According to the Angle, it have 45°and 90°180° three most commonly used, according to the requirements of the project also includes 60°, and other abnormal angle bend。tainless steel elbow from carbon steel elbow is the main material is different, its chemical composition can keep the elbow surface for a long time will not rust, does not corrode.With the pipe connection mode: direct welding flange connection (most common), hot melt connection, fused connection, socket connection, etc.

Stainless steel pipe cap is also called the plug or head. It's purpose of welding on the pipe end or installed outside the pipe thread to cover wall pipe fittings, the same as the plug. Convex tube caps include: hemispherical tube cap, oval tube caps, disc pipe cap.The stainless steel pipe cap have 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 2520, 310, 317 grade etc. It can be apply in Drinks, beer, food, petrochemical, nuclear power, chemical fertilizer, shipbuilding, machinery, medical equipment, waterproof processing, pipe line, etc.

Flange is the parts that connected the pipe and pipe. On the flange hole, can wear bolt, make two flange.The flange gasket seal.It can be made of casting and become, also can be made up of threaded connection or welding.Flange connection by a flange, a gasket and a number of bolt and nut.The gasket in between the two flange sealing surface and tighten nut, washer on the surface of a pressure deformation after reaching a certain value, fill and seal surface uneven. Popular speaking, the role of the flange is makes the pipe joint is fixed and seal.

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