Stainless Steel Holes Sheet

  Stainless steel holes sheet is known as punching net, perforated plate, perforated plate. Stainless Steel plates applies to construction field, ships building industry, petroleum and chemical industries ,war and electricity industries, war and electricity industries, food processing and medical industries ,boiler heat exchanger, machinery and hardware field. Multi-layer sand control filter set has high-efficiency sand control performance, which can better block the formation sand and meet the needs of underground sand control.

Stainless Steel Holes Sheet

  Hole type rectangular hole, square hole, diamond hole, round hole, hexagonal hole, cross hole, etc. stainless steel material excellent corrosion resistance, acid, alkali, salt corrosion, can adapt to the special requirements of oil wells, the gap will not gradually become larger due to corrosion. There are many advantages to using perforated plates made of stainless steel. The main advantages are: smooth, smooth, beautiful, durable and wide-ranging.

  Surface of stainless steel sheets/plates

  The surface brightness and flatness of 2B is better than 2D then theough a special surface treatment to improve its mechanical properties,2B could nearly Satisfy comprehensive uses. The filter holes are uniform, and the permeability and anti-blocking performance are high.

  Stainless steel holes sheet refers to a perforated stencil made of stainless steel. large filtration area, small flow resistance, high oil yield. The multi-layer structure is welded integrally, which makes the filter hole stable and has strong anti-deformation ability.The outer protective sleeve can also be screw welded.

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