stainless steel flat bar stock

stainless steel flat bar stock  

Stainless steel flat bar is a rectangle and slightly with the edge of the pure steel. Stainless steel flat bar can be semi-finished steel. Have cold drawn polished Stainless steel flat bar and hot rolled acid white sand Stainless steel flat bar.

The chemical composition of Stainless steel flat bar belongs to the general structure of rolled steel series, the main test indexes for C, Mn, P, S four.According to the content of different grades, each have differences, roughly range is: C<0.08%,Mn 2.0, P<0.035%, S<0.03% .

Stainless steel flat bar weight calculation:
The weight per meter (kg) = 0.00793 * width (mm) *thickness (mm)

There are provisions in Stainless steel flat bar surface quality in the standard, general requirements shall not use harmful defects, such as delamination, scarring, cracks, etc

Stainless steel flat bar is section steel one, 304 stainless steel flat bar is general component by hot-rolled flat steel and cold-drawn flat steel. Hot-rolled 304 general delivery status for the acid pickling of Stainless steel flat bar, the surface of 304 Stainless steel flat bar cold drawn general delivery status to dull polishing.

Stainless steel flat bar can be according to the structure of the different needs of different kinds of stress components, also can make members between the joints. Widely used in various building structure and engineering structure, such as the beam, Bridges, transmission tower, lifting transportation machinery, ships, industrial furnace, reaction tower, container frame and warehouse shelves, etc.

Stainless steel flat bar used for Bridges in construction engineering, room frame, fences, transmission of ship, automobile, etc. In the production of Stainless steel flat bar billet raw material for low carbon steel billet, finished products, cold rolled or hot rolled, stainless steel flat bar for hot rolled forming condition of delivery.Transactions, contracts and other documents shall be of Stainless steel flat bar edge, edge thick fill in complete, the size and other main craft items, such as annealing, quenching, etc.

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