stainless steel coil tube practical application and solutions

1, heat transfer efficiency

Stainless steel coil pipe thermal conductivity is indeed lower than the copper coil pipe, but in actual products can be, stainless steel coil pipe often do more relatively long, heat transfer area is much larger than the copper coil pipe.

In addition, the diameter of the stainless steel coil pipe is much larger than the copper coil pipe, the circulating fluid flow should be large. The ultimate impact of heat transfer efficiency of the circulating fluid and the use of water temperature, working fluid flow, heat transfer area, heat transfer coefficient. Many boiler supporting the use of stainless steel coil pipe heat exchanger, heat transfer capacity and dozens of kilowatts of gas boiler match.

2, coil pipe corrosion

Copper coil pipe surface to do a special anti-corrosion treatment to ensure the life of the coil pipe, in fact, this is a very big mistake, copper coil pipe installed inside the liner, the coil pipe itself is not corrosive, no surface treatment. The real problem is that because of the copper coil pipe, will accelerate the corrosion of the liner, affecting the life of the liner.

This will talk about the chemical principle of the metal battery, and copper and iron placed in acidic solution, the two are not connected with the conductor, copper and iron will be corrosion. But when copper and iron are connected with wires, copper is not subject to corrosion, and iron corrosion is greatly accelerated. At this time if the use of ammeter wire will be found, there is a current through the wire. The battery is based on this principle and invented.

3, gas blocking problem

For the vertical tank of the stainless steel liner coil pipe water tank applied to the centralized household system is completely no problem. But the market is also a lot of horizontal water tank. Some manufacturers simply put the vertical water tank tap, as a centralized household water tank. Which ignored a very important question, the system running in the heat exchanger coil pipe accumulation of gas how to exclude, that is, we often say that the gas block problem. The

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