Stainless Steel Checkered Plate

Stainless Steel Checkered Plate  

Our Jawaysteel Corporation is original manufacturer for stainless steel sheet,plate,coil,strip,tape,band etc,we can supply a full range of sizes,styles for the sheets,including surface treatment,special sizes cutting,machining and also for embossing and checkering on the sheets.

Regarding stainless steel checkered plate,it can be divided into many different styles and surface treatment,like beaded shape,small round dot, big round projections,round projections and flat bottom,raised and flat flower,shaped with big rice...Different styles works for different application,for example,if any customer want to build a floor in a public circumstance like the Metro train,hence the anti-kidding ability in sheets is strongly required,in this sense,we will recommend to use stainless steel checkered plate,when we select a suitable size to fix for project we also needs to select a suitable pattern for the sheets like the tear drop style well know by us.

Please check below the tear drop checkered plate we use commonly

If any customer who want to make us inquiry for stainless steel checkered plate,we strongly advise them to send us the drawing or real sample they need,so as our engineering could evaluate our budgets and we are able to supply very accurate quotation.

We’d like to hear any new inquiry for stainless steel checkered plates.

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