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Jaway Steel corporation can offer all kinds of wall thickness for stainless steel seamless pipe and welded pipe.In order to solve the serious shortage in the supply of nickel under the production and supply of stainless steel, the United States has developed a generation of nickel with manganese austenitic stainless steels in this series. The most important thing is the corrosion resistance is different, 317 of the corrosion resistance is very strong, so the price will be much expensive.

stainless steel 317 seamless pipe has widely application in oil and natural gas, heat exchanger and chemical industries. After the end of World War II, the supply of nickel in the United States has gradually improved, therefore, the production of 300 series stainless steel is no longer subject to the constraints of raw materials. The utility model is mainly used for decorative tubes, industrial tubes.

stainless steel 317 seamless pipe from Jaway Steel Corporation is produced according to ASTM A213, A511 to meet customer’s production requirement.

317 stainless steel material with acid and alkali resistance, high density, no bubbles, no pinhole polishing, is the production of a variety of watchcase, watchband bottom cover material quality etc. If need more details about our stainless steel 317 seamless pipe or latest price. Please feel free to contact us.

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