Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Production Steps

Stainless steel seamless pipe production steps.Simplify the main production processes: round steel re-inspection peeling blanking centering heating piercing pickling flat head inspection and grinding cold rolling degreasing heat treatment straightening pipe cutting pickling / passivation product inspection eddy current, ultrasonic, water pressure packaging into storage.

1.Round steel cutting: After receiving round steel from raw material warehouse, the cutting length of round steel is calculated according to the technological requirements, and the grinding wheel sheet is cut along the sectional line after starting of bow saw machine. The cut round steel is stacked separately according to steel grade, furnace number, production batch number and specification, and the end is distinguished by different colors of paint.

2.Centering: When the cross arm drilling machine is centering, first find the center point in the section of round steel, punch out the sample hole and then fix it vertically on the drilling machine table for centering. The centered round steel is stacked separately according to steel grades, furnace numbers, specifications and production batches.

3.Peeling: Upper incoming material is checked and qualified for peeling. Peeling includes lathe lathe peeling and cyclone cutting. Lathe peeling uses one clip and one top to peel on lathe. Cyclone cutting is to hang round steel onto machine tool for cyclone cutting.

4.Surface inspection: After peeling, smooth round steel is inspected for quality, and surface defects are marked. The grinder grinds them until they are qualified. The qualified round steels are stacked separately according to steel grades, furnace numbers, specifications and production batches. 5. Round steel heating: Round steel heating equipment includes gas-fired inclined bottom furnace and gas-fired box furnace. Gas-fired inclined bottom furnace is used to heat large quantities of raw materials and gas-fired box furnace is used to heat small quantities of raw materials. When entering the furnace, the round steel of different grades, numbers and specifications are separated by old outer membrane. When the round steel is heated, the special tools are used to turn the round steel, so as to ensure the uniform heating of the round steel.

Stainless steel seamless pipe production steps.According to the specifications of perforated round steel, the corresponding guide plate and molybdenum head are selected. The heated round steel is perforated by a perforator, and the perforated waste pipe is randomly cooled into the water tank.

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