Stainless Steel Precision Tubes

  Stainless steel precision tubes, also known as precision stainless steel pipe, is also called precision tube. In the process of production, the precision stainless steel pipe is much more accurate than the ordinary stainless steel pipe in terms of the smoothness of the exterior and the tolerance of the wall thickness and the outer diameter.

  According to the most basic standards, the precision of stainless steel precision tubes can basically reach ±0.05mm-±0.15mm. The tolerance range here is also briefly explained. Generally, the diameter of the pipe is relatively small, and the tolerance of the pipe with a thin wall thickness is basically ±0.05 mm.

  Relatively speaking, the tolerance range of the stainless steel precision tube with a large diameter is basically ±0.05mm-±0.15mm. The appearance is also very bright and can basically reach the equivalent of 150-200 mesh.

  The basic wall thickness and outer diameter of ordinary industrial stainless steel pipes are about plus or minus 10% according to the national specified tolerance range.

Stainless Steel Precision Tubes

  The appearance is also not smooth. Therefore, the general stainless steel precision tube and the ordinary industrial stainless steel tube can be basically distinguished by the naked eye.

  Even if the ordinary industrial stainless steel tube is polished, it can be determined by measuring the gauge. stainless steel precision tubes have excellent mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance, outstanding cold deformation ability, and non-magnetic properties, so they are widely used in aviation, aerospace, marine and medical equipment. However, the precision of stainless steel tubes is much worse than that of medium carbon steel.

  The cutting process of stainless steel precision tube has the characteristics of severe work hardening, high cutting temperature, not easy to break the chip, easy to stick the knife, easy to wear the tool, etc., which brings great difficulties to the cutting process.

  In order to solve the above problems, it is necessary to select a new process method. After analysis and testing, the researchers use CNC machining equipment, select high-quality drill bits, optimize the cutting amount, ensure the product quality requirements, and improve the production efficiency. Drilling of small holes can be carried out using a drill press, a milling machine, a numerical control device, or the like.

  The machine tool used for small group hole machining must have high sensitivity and easy operation control, and should meet the spindle speed and wide speed range. It is best to be equipped with an automatic monitoring system for the drilling machine.

  Through the process experiment, the researcher chooses A three-axis machining center is more suitable. Deburring has many methods such as manual, mechanical, electrochemical, ultrasonic, etc., and for stainless steel materials, it has strong toughness, is not easy to break chips, and has strong chip adhesion. It is not easy to use burrs by electrochemical methods, and more than 2,500 The burrs of the orifices of the small holes are difficult to remove by manual deburring, and the operator is labor intensive.

  Therefore, in the process route, according to the design requirements of the pattern, the operation of removing the burr is performed after the top hole is drilled. It is proved by production practice that it is feasible to process stainless steel precision tubes with coating and numerical control equipment. Due to the high degree of automation, precision and smooth operation of the CNC machine tool, the consistency of the aperture and the hole pitch can be well ensured, and the technical requirements of the pattern can be achieved. Moreover, the time for grinding the drill bit and the downtime is saved, thereby improving the cutting efficiency of the stainless steel precision tube, achieving obvious technical and economic benefits, and having broad application prospects.

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