stainless steel coil tubing

Stainless steel coil tubing is one of advantageous products we are manufacturing,marketing and researching till now.The coiled tube size is always like OD5mm to 200mm,WT ranged from 1mm to 20mm.The shape is bended,coiled like the shape of mosquito-repellent incense.The application is so wide and popular,hear exchanger,oven,petroleum,chemical,nuclear,beer,milk,medicine etc.

 stainless steel coil tubing

The stainless steel coil tube requires a high clearness in surface and tube inside,more precise sizes and tolerance, and good tightness.


The coiled tube could be supplied under seamless or welded condition.If with seamless coil tubing,then the impurities are not available at all.If with welded condition,then tubes are easily to achieve better surface and budgets of which is lower than seamless ones.


We have many regular customers from India,Korea,Mexico,Germany etc who imported stainless steel coil tubing.Till now a zero claim regarding our ss coiled tube,resulted from our serious attitude in production and restrictive QC,which make our coil tube with fine quality,precise size,no leakage,no cracks and correct quality.

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