Stainless steel 317 seamless pipe

Stainless steel 317 seamless pipe is a kind of strip steel with hollow section and no seams around. 

The worldwide production of seamless pipes has a total of more than 1,850 companies in more than 110 countries under more than 5100 production plants, of which the production of petroleum pipes has more than 170 companies in 44 countries under more than 260 plants.

Firstly, the thicker the wall, the more economical and practical it is. The thinner the wall, the higher the processing cost. Secondly, the process of the product determines its limited performance, the general precision of seamless steel tube is low: uneven wall thickness, inner tube appearance brightness low, high size cost, and the inner appearance of pitting, black spots are not easy to remove; Third, its detection and shaping must be offline. Therefore, it embodies its superiority in high pressure, high strength and mechanical structure.

A. According to gb14975-94 "stainless steel seamless pipe", the length of steel pipe is usually 1.5 ~ 10m, and the hot-rolled steel pipe is equal to and greater than 1m. Cold drawn (rolled) steel tube wall thickness 0.5 ~ 1.0mm, 1.0 ~ 7m; 1.5 ~ 8m wall thickness greater than 1.0mm.

B. B. 45 types of hot rolled (hot extruded) steel tubes with diameters of 54 ~ 480mm; There are 36 kinds of wall thickness 4.5 ~ 45mm. There are 65 kinds of cold-drawn (rolled) steel pipes with diameters of 6 ~ 200mm. There are 39 kinds of wall thickness ranging from 0.5 to 21mm.

C. No cracks, folds, cracks, cracks, rolling, laminating and scarring on the inner and outer surfaces of steel pipes shall be allowed. These defects shall be completely removed (except for pipes used for machining), and the wall thickness and outer diameter shall not exceed negative deviation after removal. Minor surface defects not exceeding the allowable negative deviation may not be removed.

D. allowable depth of straight. Hot rolled or hot extruded steel tubes, with diameters less than and equal to 140mm and no more than 5% of nominal wall thickness and maximum depth no more than 0.5mm; Cold drawn (rolled) steel pipe shall not be greater than 4% of the nominal wall thickness and the maximum depth shall not be greater than 0.3mm.

E. Both ends of the steel pipe shall be cut into right angles and burrs shall be removed.

4.1. Specification: outside diameter of hot-rolled pipe is 32 ~ 630mm. Wall thickness: 2.5 ~ 75mm. Cold rolled (cold drawn) tube outside diameter 5 ~ 200mm. Wall thickness: 2.5 ~ 12mm.

4.2 appearance quality: the internal and external surface of the steel pipe shall not be cracked, folded, rolled, laminated, hairline or scarring defects. These defects should be completely removed and the wall thickness and outside diameter should not exceed the negative deviation after removal.

4.3 both ends of the steel pipe shall be cut into right angles and burrs shall be removed. Gas cutting and hot sawing are allowed for steel pipes with wall thickness greater than 20mm. Supply and demand agreement may also cut.

4.4 surface quality of cold-drawn or cold-rolled precision seamless steel pipes refer to gb3639-83.

Stainless steel 317 seamless pipe is a kind of strip steel with hollow section and no seams around. Stainless steel seamless tube.

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