Solid Stainless Steel Rods

  Solid Stainless steel rod is a cylindrical stainless steel products, widely used in automotive accessories, aviation, aerospace hardware tools, chemical industry.

  300 series stainless steel round rod: 316 stainless steel round rod, 304L stainless steel round rod, 304 stainless steel round rod, 310 stainless steel round rod, 303 stainless steel round rod, 302 stainless steel round rod, 301 stainless steel round rod, 200 series stainless steel round rod: 202 stainless steel round rod, 201 stainless steel round rod.

  400 series stainless steel round rod: 410 stainless steel round rod, 420 stainless steel round rod, 430 stainless steel round rod.

  300 series stainless steel round rod details:

  316L stainless steel round bar: 316 stainless steel contains molybdenum and low carbon content, and its pitting corrosion resistance in the ocean and chemical industrial environment is much better than that of 304 stainless steel! (316L low carbon, 316N containing high nitrogen and high strength, 316F stainless steel with higher sulphur content, Easy to cut stainless steel.

  304L stainless steel round bar: as a low carbon 304 steel, corrosion resistance is similar to 304 in general, but excellent in grain boundary corrosion resistance after welding or after stress relief, without heat treatment, Can also maintain good corrosion resistance.

  304 stainless steel round bar: good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties, stamping, bending and other hot working, no heat treatment hardening phenomenon. Uses: tableware, cabinets, boilers, auto accessories, medical appliances, building materials, food industry (use temperature-196 °C-700 °C).

Solid Stainless Steel Rods

  310 stainless steel round bar: the main features are: high temperature resistance, generally used in the boiler, car exhaust pipe. Other performance is normal.

  303 stainless steel rod: by adding a small amount of sulfur, phosphorus makes it easier to cut than 304. Other properties are similar to 304.

  Stainless steel rod 302: 302 stainless steel rod is widely used in automobile accessories, aerospace hardware tools, chemical industry. The details are as follows: handicrafts, bearings, slip flowers, medical instruments, electrical appliances and so on. Characteristic: 302 stainless steel ball belongs to austenitic section steel, is close to 304, but the hardness of 302 is higher, HRC ≤ 28, has good antirust and anticorrosion.

  301 stainless steel round bar: good ductility, used for molding products. It can also be hardened quickly by mechanical work. Good weldability. Wear resistance and fatigue strength are superior to 304 stainless steel.

  200 series stainless steel round rod details:

  202 stainless steel round bar: chromium-nickel-manganese austenitic stainless steel, performance better than 201 stainless steel

  201 stainless steel round bar: belonging to chromium-nickel-manganese austenitic stainless steel with low magnetic properties.

  400 series stainless steel round rod:

  410 stainless steel round bar: belongs to martensite (high strength chromium steel), good wear resistance and poor corrosion resistance.

  420 stainless steel round bar: "tool grade" martensite steel, similar to Brinell high-chromium steel such as the earliest stainless steel. Also used in surgical tools, can do very bright.

  Stainless steel Rod 430: Ferritic stainless steel, for decoration, for example, for automotive accessories. Good formability, but poor temperature and corrosion resistance.

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