Rio tinto CEO: iron ore market firm has not received from Japan the effects of earthquakes

According to the Australian "website reported on March 22, Australia Rio tinto group chief executive Walsh says, though Japan Sam to global demand for iron ore earthquake may affect is still uncertain and iron ore market still strong.
"Now to the influence of accurate judgement of the Japanese earthquake lise." Walsh in an industry conference clearance on the dow Jones news agency reporter said.
Though Japan's sumitomo metals industry already affected a steel enterprises, "but we still continue to delivery," he said.
When asked whether the company shifted to send to Japan freight, Walsh says: "our main problems encountered this year has been three hurricanes and tropical depression influence three times." "Our production has been affected, so now is still in the stage." to produce
He refused to inform production damaged specific Numbers, but he says, Rio tinto has now ready for the most sufficient mineral reserves, "so that we play to the best of their ability to speed up production." (China cew has been)

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