prime quality 321 stainless steel plate

Features: In the sensitive area (450 ℃ ~ 850 ℃) use.

Uses: Boiler heat exchanger, pipe, Expansion joint welding, assembly can not be heat-treated parts / equipment.

321 stainless steel chemical composition: (unit: wt%):
C: 321
Si: ≤ 0.08
Mn: ≤ 1.00
P: ≤ 2.00
S: ≤ 0.045
Cr: ≤ 0.030
Ni: 17.00~9.00
Ti: ≥ 5 × C%
Other: 9.00 ~ 13.00

Mechanical behavior:
YS (Mpa): ≥205
TS (Mpa): ≥ 520
EL (%): ≥40
Hv: ≤ 200

321 stainless steel plate, where Ti exists as a stabilizing element, is also a hot steel type, which is better than grade 316L stainless steel plate in aspect of higher temperature.

321 stainless steel plate is a type of Ni-Cr-Mo austenitic stainless steel plate, and its performance is very similar with 304 stainless steel plate, but it has a better resistance to grain boundary corrosion and high temperature strength due to the addition of metal titanium. The formation of chromium carbide can be very effectively controlled by the addition of metallic titanium.

321 stainless steel plate is better than 304 stainless steel plate reflects on its excellent high temperature stress breaking (StressRupture) performance and high temperature anti creep performance (Creep Resistance) and stress mechanical properties.

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