prime quality 316L stainless steel welded wire

Stainless steel wire is original industry in Jawaysteel corporation.Since after established,Jawaysteel had been making all kinds of stainless steel wire in all specs till now.

Now we can supply Stainless Steel Welding Wire,Binding Wire,Lashing Wire,Spring Wire,Tiny Wire etc.Here let’s talk something about stainless steel welded wire.

The main grade we supplied for stainless steel welding wire is 304 and 316L.Take 316L Grade for example,it has a good physical properity and resistance in corrosion,crack,impact etc.And 316L has a high Cr,Ni and Mo as the high alloy content,plus the low carbon,so it is widely used in petrochemical device,fertilizer,urea production and all other fierce environment like stove,furnace,salt,container,chemical etc.

On 2017-11-03,we had confirmed a new order with one of our old buyers from Morocco,the customer had now repeated his 5th order with us,to demand ER316L Stainless Steel Welding Wire,Size is 1.6mm,length is 1000mm,packing by yellow plastic box packing,quantity is always 4 tons.Below you can check a screenshot for the order.

If any other customer who need 316L Stainless Steel Welded Wire,plz contact us by sending email to

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