Pre-painted galvanized sheet

Pre-painted galvanized sheet  

Pre-painted galvanized sheet, also known as color steel plate, color plate. Color coated steel is cold rolled steel and galvanized steel as the substrate surface after pretreatment (degreasing, cleaning, chemical conversion treatment), a method of applying a continuous coating (roll coating), and after baking and cooling system into products and services.Pre-painted galvanized sheet has a light, beautiful and good corrosion resistance, can be processed directly, it gives the construction industry, shipbuilding industry, vehicle manufacturing, furniture industry, electrical industry to provide a new type of raw material, played with steel and wood, efficient construction, energy conservation, pollution prevention and other good results.

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Prepainted galvanized sheet basic concepts: the unit to continuous cold-rolled strip, galvanized steel (galvanized and hot galvanized) as the substrate, after surface preparation (degreasing and chemical treatment), roll coating method, Apply one or more layers of liquid paint, after baking and cooling the resulting sheet is coated steel.

China now has the back (bottom) and the lacquer surface (front) lacquer coating, the average Chinese is back paint layer, two layers of paint, lacquer back finish abroad are two layers. Since the coating can have a variety of colors, it is customary to be called prepainted galvanized coated steel plate.

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