polished stainless steel bar

polished stainless steel bar  

Today topic is the polished stainless steel bar. It is widely used in our lives. And the polished is most widely used. Polished is the processing methods to reduce the surface roughness to get the bright and flat surface used by mechanical, chemical or electrochemical.

We all know the knowledge of polished stainless steel bar, but there are some points of polishing need to pay attention to.
1.Adhere to the "would rather slow, not fast, light, not heavy" of the original when polished. Avoiding to rid the paint.
2.Back up the wire, avoiding to hurt machine, kinking, forbidden contact wires.
3.Polishing wax can be evenly dispersed on the surface of the paint, first to prevent the paint splash.
4.Before surface polishing use wash mud wiped, remove paint surface attached to the surface of particles and pollutants.
5.Polishing wax evenly on the wool plate or sponge plate, prevent the splash and waste materials.
6.After using to put the machine with two handles on ground, wool wheel up.

it widely used building materials ,oil field the outdoor machine which need high Corrosion resistance, chemical industry, coal.

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