polished 316 stainless steel flat bar

        Stainless steel sheets are usually less than 6mm thickness, and used for lightweight residential and architectural applications or those that do not require as much durability.

        Stainless steel sheet is typically sold in the annealed condition and is available in most grades. Our stainless steel sheets come in both a standard 2B finish and various polished finishes. Polished surfaces range from the standard #4 to a mirrored finish #8. Stainless steel sheet comes in standard sizes varying in width from 4to 8and in length from 8to 20, but can also be customized to suit the application..

Available grades: 300 series, 400 series, duplex and more.

        Some of the typical uses for stainless steel include: Food Processing & Handling,  Storage Tank, Heat Exchanger, Electrical Enclosure, Chemical Process Vessel, Conveyor, Architectural & Construction, Marine Parts & Equipment.

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