polish stainless steel flat bar

polish stainless steel flat bar  

Stainless steel flat bar is the finger width 12-300mm, thickness 3-60mm, slightly rectangular cross-section steel and blunt edges. Stainless steel can be finished steel to be made thin slab stock and Roll sheet welded pipe used. The main purposes: as a stainless steel flat bar timber can be used for making iron hoop, tools and machinery parts, architecture as a house frame structure, the escalator. Polish stainless steel flat bar can be semi-finished steel. There are polished stainless steel cold-drawn and hot-rolled stainless steel flat bar acid white sand of the points.

According to the different needs of stainless steel flat bars structure composed of various members of the force, but also for connections between components. Widely used in various building structures and engineering structures such as beams, bridges, transmission towers, lifting and transport machinery, ships, industrial furnace, reaction tower, container frame and warehouse shelves.

Stainless steel flat bar is used as a bridge, frame house, fence, transmission ships, vehicles and other construction projects. Production of stainless steel billets as feed stock carbon square billet, hot-rolled stainless steel flat finished forming, cold or hot rolled state delivery. When trading, contracts and other documents should be on the stainless steel flat edge width, edge thickness dimension fill is complete, and other major technology issues, such as annealing, solution and the like.

Compared with conventional steel plate.Special product specifications. Thickness 8 ~ 50mm, width 150-625mm, length 5-15m, and product specifications span more dense, to meet the needs of users, instead of the plate used without cutting, can be directly soldered.

Smooth surface of the product. Secondary process using high pressure water descaling process to ensure smooth surface of steel
Two side vertical, water chestnut clear. The two finishing rolling stand to ensure that the two sides of vertical well, angular clear, good surface quality edge.

Product precise scale, three-point difference, the difference is superior to steel at the same level standard; flat products, plate well. Finishing rolling process using automatic looper automatic control, to ensure that no stack steel does not pull steel, product size and high precision, tolerance range, three-point difference, the difference of the same article, camber parameters are superior to the plate, and the plate-type straight It is good. Cold shear cutting, high precision length length.

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