Learn more about normal grade for Stainless Steel Square Bar

Today We Jawaysteel Corporation would like to introduce more knowledge about the Stainless Steel Square Bar to help our customers learn deeply. 

No.1 Normal Grade for SS Square Bar as follow:
     AISI201, AISI202, AISI301, AISI310, AISI310S, AISI304/304L, AISI316/316L etc

No.2 What’s the Characteristic for the above grade SS Square Bar
  1. AISI316L SS Square Bar is better than 310 and 304 because of containing molybdenum. It also has various using as the good and Chloride Erosion property. Normally be used in Marine Environment.
  2. AISI316 SS Square Bar has strength to resist atmospheric corrosion and high temperature because of the molybdenum chemical. 
  3. AISI304L SS Square Bar contains the lower Carbon than AISI304, the lower Carbon make it has better Corrosion Resistance than other grade SS Square Bar.
  4. AISI304 SS Square Bar is the most normal grade Stainless Steel Square Bar. It is widely used to produce good performance (corrosion and formability) equipments. 
No.3 Several processing technology of Stainless steel Square Bar as follow:
     Drawn, welded, and cutting etc

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