No Sound Explosion for 580,000 Continuous Heats of Baosteel Scrap

0:58, Oct. 1st, with the discharging of steel cord hot metal, a new record is born in Baosteel scrap supply: continuous safe production for 5833 days, no sound explosion for accumulated 580,000 heats.
The EAF of Baosteel Steel Making Plant Converter & Tubing Business Unit digests 3.8 million ton scrap. Since the social scarp source is complicated, and always with sealing vessel, explosion substances and other harmful materials, Therefore, no sound explosion has become the significant symbol of production safety and stability. Baosteel always regard explosion & injury prevention as its priority. This year, scarp supply chain cross functional team has put forward its target as Safe, Economical, High-quality, Stable. In addition, such themes as innovation and cost control shall be improved through labour and technology competition.
Through labour and technology competition, the staff motivation on scrap supply chain is stimulated so that safety management is ensured. For instance, EAF plant staff adopts Roast, Shake, Slow pouring working method to strictly control hot metal mixing and drying time; Baosteel Manufacturing Department and Raw Material Purchasing Center has intensify the dynamic & flexible management on scrap procurement and supply, distributing resources in a scientific manner; Raw Materials Purchasing Center Industrial Co. Ltd. has enhanced sorting efficiency and quality through changing the testing method of sorting so as to optimize the supply service; Industrial Company scrap supply center Party Branch has initiated the technology competition as Safety, Success, Competitiveness with MCC Baosteel Technology Cooperation Co. to improve staff skill through professional training and competition.
Under the precondition of safety, and in order to optimize scrap quality and structure ratio, steel making plant, EAF plant, Industrial company, etc have actively initiated technology synergy. For instance, in High-alloyed Sorting Scrap Recycling, sourcing management is strengthened in selecting over 40 high-alloyed scrap recycling points and sorting by such equipment as portable spectrometer so as to reuse through such platform.

It is reported that the old record of no sound explosion was set up on Oct. 12th,1994, which is 16 years till now. The new record has refreshed both time span and no sound explosion heat for domestic scrap supply

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